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Villa Mama

Just 80 metres from the beach, Vila Mama incorporates a medieval defensive wall with some Baroque features. It offers an intimate courtyard in the historic centre of Omis.


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The event is unique in that it reconstructs the original gusarku battle that occurred in the 13th century and has positioned the city as the city of Omis pirates, based on historical facts and the development of cultural tourism.

A little about Omiš

The evidences of proud and turbulent Omis history can be found on every corner of the Omis Riviera. Ancient town of Omis, Omis churches and Omis fortresses are silent stone reminders of the power and the might of famous Omis corsairs.

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Omis History and Heritage

During the Middle Ages Omis was infamous for its corsairs (pirates) whose ships brought fame to them because they were built for attack and fast return into the mouth of the Cetina River, protecting the town from foreign invasion.


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Villa Mama


The house Villa Mama is located in the centre of the medieval town of Omis, near the tower called Torjun.


 It was created by consolidating two residential houses, one leaning on the medieval defensive wall and the other placed towards the wall forming that way an intimate courtyard.

The house Villa Mama is characterized by harmonious Baroque carved details and some of the best features are the main portal and a beautiful console stone staircase with balcony in the courtyard. 


The house Villa Mama was completely renovated in 2010. Sitting under an ancient defensive wall and the possibility of walking the defensive wall, which can be accessed from the apartment on the second floor, represents a special attraction.

The house has its own backyard, yet when stepping from the Baroque set you find yourself in the historical town centre with a variety of restaurants and shopping facilities.

You will be even more delighted when you realize how close the villa is to the sea and a long public beach that stretches to the nearby cape.